Special session: Technology, norm and social action

The special session focuses on the relationship between social norms, technology and economics. It analyses how social norms, ethics, new technologies, and other factors such as the level of education influence economic behavior and shape an economy. It aims to provide key features of public policies for knowledge societies.


  • The relationship between science, technology, economics and society.
  • Economic behavior and social norms – conformity and compliance.
  • The effect of social norms on markets/ Market Norms versus Social Norms
  • Social justice in the distribution of the economic product
  • Normative and institutional structures on the functioning of social justice
  • Institutional reforms to ensure fiscal responsibility
  • Social norms of tax compliance
  • Accounting rules, Financial reporting, Standards and Social norms
  • Education, economy and social change
  • Social economics
  • The role of law in creating and maintaining a proper business environment
  • Social norms and economic development